25 Jul 2001

Rimini, Italy

Stadio Romeo Neri

Wednesday, July 25, 2001 at 7:00pm PDT

At the last show in Italy, the band delivered one of their best performances of the tour. Centered in the middle of a futbol stadium, they played to a crowd of just around 5,000. The night was accented with a cool breeze from the nearby Adriatic Sea and fireworks overhead. Obviously having a great time, Ben practiced his linguistic skills with the crowd by naming off song titles in Italian. Juan teased the Nestle Crunch theme again. This time he incorporated it into the "Fight" jam. Ben later gave props to the entire band and crew and...this writer! During "Steal My Kisses" Ben reinvented the song as he left his chair and jammed on Leon's percussion kit. Oliver closed the night with a blistering beat on oft-played closer "King/Rise."

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals