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05.16.11 I was sure it was goin to be a GREAT day

im in Switzerland... Just bought GIVE IT TILL ITS GONE today, and also learnt that wife is pregnant few minutes after !


See you in Avenches !

08.03.10 Just to say THANK YOU for taking care of your "fans"

Hi Relentless7, Ben and Gavin

Just wanted to thank you all for the care you have for your "fans".

From my point of view it just goes with the music and the lyrics and the few small talks Ben and I had over the years during aftershows i managed to sneak into...

I truly think you were not "obliged" to do what you did, but you did it anyway, wich shows that you live what you sing and / or play... I tend to think that it is pretty rare lately!

I have been listening to Ben since 1994, first saw him live with the IC in 1996 in paris (olympia) and i know i always will, whatever you guys sing, play or do i'll always find something that speaks to me in your work!

So THANK YOU VERY MUCH once again, and see you somewhere in Europe for next tour!


PS : Gavin a very special thank to you ;)