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07.19.10 Ben Harper in Portugal

Ben Harper and Relentless 7 were in Portugal last Saturday. My God, it was such an amazing concert. The most wonderful and intense 2 hours of my life :D
It was the second time I saw him performing, the first one was in Optimus Alive Festival. It made me love even more his work and the message he passes. My favourite song is Sexual Healing, I know it's not an original song of Ben's, mas it's his cover that made me LOVE the song! The song has a special meaning for me and my best friend, in fact he has "Sexual Healing" tattooed in his body :'D We really really love to see Ben Harper performing this music, it would mean a lot to us. I don't know how can I make Ben Harper know about this request, but it would me another dream come true! :D
Anyway, there's no words for the concert here in Portugal, JUST PERFECT! LOVED IT.