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04.17.14 Interview from The Birmingham Post

The Birmingham Post has a nice interview with Ben. Here's the link:

03.30.14 The Making Of Ben Harper And Charlie Musselwhite's Get Up! has an interview with Ben & Charlie on the making of Get Up!, here's the link:

03.30.14 Charlie Musselwhite Interview

Here's the link to a Phoenix New Times interview with Charlie Musselwhite about Get Up! and playing with Ben :

03.12.14 'Childhood Home' from Ben & his mother, Ellen, to be released May 6th

Direct Current Music has an article about Ben & his mother's upcoming duet album. Here is a quote from the article with the release date:

"Ben Harper and his mother and fellow singer/songwriter Ellen Chase-Verdries, have completed Childhood Home, a new album of ten original songs arriving May 6 -- just in time for Mothers Day -- via Concord imprint Prestige/Folklore."

& here's the link to the full article:


I am really looking forward to hearing this album!

01.29.14 Info on Ben's album with his mother, another collaboration with Charlie Musselwhite, & a reunion with The Innocent Criminals

Here's the link to a Rolling Stone article that has some quotes from Ben & Charlie about their next collaboration & some info about Ben's soon to be released album "Childhood Home":

From Rolling Stone-

---The duo are already talking of making another album together. Harper said excitedly: "I'd go into the studio tonight."

"I'm ready. I'm so ready," said Musselwhite

---"Harper has also just completed recording an album of duets with his mother, singer-songwriter Ellen Chase-Verdries. The 10-track record, Childhood Home, is all originals written by Harper and Chase-Verdries and will be released on Mother's Day.

"It's produced like early Elvis. Not one thing is plugged in. It's all acoustic," Harper said. "I think they're going to call it ‘Americana,' but it's soul, California, folk rock, American."


& here's the link to the transcript of an interview with Ben & Charlie from backstage at the Grammys:

From Examiner-

---Are you two going to do another album together?

Musselwhite: We’ve got plans to do that. We’ve got a lot of irons in the fire. That’s what we do.

Harper: And I’m going to put the exclamation mark at the end of that and say, “Hell yes!”

---Are there any other music genres that you’d like to explore?

Harper: Yes. My mom and I just finished a record called “Childhood Home,” and it’s coming out on Mother’s Day this year. That’s Americana or folk or whatever anyone wants to call it, please do. But hopefully, we’ll see next year. Cart before the horse. Forgive me, but I’m so proud of that record that my mom and I made. And that said, Charlie and I are hopefully jump back into the studio as soon as possible.

---Ben, is there any chance that you’ll get back together with your band the Innocent Criminals?

Harper: In a word: yes. I’ll keep it short. I can’t wait to reconvene with the Innocent Criminals.

01.21.14 Ben guests on new G. Love & Special Sauce song

Ben guests on a new track from G. Love & Special Sauce called 'Nothing Quite Like Home'. You can read about it & stream the track here :

& purchase the track here:

& here: