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04.06.15 Bluesfest 2015 - Ben Harper Interview (video) [Ben talks about latest musical projects & more]

Here's the link to watch an interview with Ben from Bluesfest:

Bluesfest 2015 - Ben Harper Interview

"Appearing at this years Bluesfest, singer Ben Harper talks about his latest music projects and playing at this years Byron Bay Bluesfest for 2015."


There's some exciting info in this interview about upcoming records:

*Innocent Criminals record is almost done, 12 songs deep into a 10 song record so things are now getting knocked off, should be out early 2016

*About 8 or 9 tracks done with another Charlie Musselwhite record

*Ben wants to make a steel guitar record, an entire instrumental slide guitar record

*Ben wants to make a reggae record

Can't wait to hear all this music!!!

03.31.15 Ben talks about some of his favorite songs with Rolling Stone Australia

Here's the link to read about some of Ben's favorite songs:

My Soundtrack: Ben Harper

by Rod Yates | March 31st, 2015 Rolling Stone Australia

"From Metallica to reggae to Christmas music, the Bluesfest-bound singer-songwriter has broad tastes."

02.05.15 Gibson named Ben one of the Top 10 Modern Blues Guitarists

Gibson named Ben one of the Top 10 Modern Blues Guitarists. Here's what they had to say about him:

"Just like with Derek Trucks, Ben Harper's style of music span many different genres, with blues being one of the underlying inspirations. Although he's a multi-instrumentalist, Harper's signature instrument is playing acoustic slide guitar. Just listen to songs like “Homeless Child,” “Whipping Boy,” and “I Want To Be Ready” for a taste of how Harper incorporates the blues in his music."

Here's the link to check out the other guitarists on Gibson's list:

Photo by Danny Clinch

02.04.15 Quote from Charlie Musselwhite on next album with Ben

Here's a quote from Charlie on his next collaboration with Ben:

“I have a new album that’ll be ready when I come to Australia,” he reveals, “and Ben Harper and I have one in the can, as they say. It’ll probably be a year before it comes out. You never know. There’s all kinds of irons in the fire. We’ll see what happens.”

The quote comes from a recent interview with Charlie done by Shane Pinnegar from X-press Magazine. Here's the link to check out the full interview:

02.02.15 Interview about The Byron Bay Bluesfest from The Northern Star

Here's the link to an interview with Ben from The Northern Star:

01.08.15 Interview & Performance from Sojourner Truth Radio

Here's the description of Ben's recent appearance on Sojourner Truth Radio, followed by links to listen to & download the program:

Sojourner Truth Radio

Thursday January 8, 2015:

"Thursday a Sojourner Truth first: we spend the hour with world famous and three-time Grammy winner singer and songwriter Ben Harper. In a live performance, he debuts for the first time on radio his brand new song “Call it what it is.”

We have a wide ranging discussion about: his early inspiration and struggles breaking into the music industry; growing up in a bi-racial family in Southern California; the inter-relationship between art and activism; Ferguson, Eric Garner and the #BlackLivesMatter movement; his upcoming reunion with his original band “Innocent Criminals” and much more."

Listen here:

Download the podcast here:

( photo from here: )