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06.01.10 Ben in Etown

Dear Mr. Ben Harper
I am writing to say thank you. Thank you for your music, your words, your spirit, your fight and for finally coming to Edmonton!! Your music has been motivational, comforting, and just plain awesome in my life over the last 10 years. I am continually touched by your words and your music.
The first Ben Harper song I heard was waiting on an angel and it touched me very deeply.
I was a 20 year old woman in the hospital for anorexia when I heard it and at the time it offered me comfort and peace. From there I started listening to everything I could find Ben Harper. Once out of the hospital I went to Vancouver (I am from Edmonton) to see you live and that blew my mind even more, the live show had such soul and the energy was so apparent it was tangible. I stayed in Vancouver for several years after that concert and things were alright health wise I made a good recovery from anorexia, but things changed and soon I found myself in the midst of serious alcohol and drug addiction….. through all of this though I found comfort in Ben Harper music. Every good or bad time in my life I can put a Ben Harper song to, it is like you could speak the words in ways that I never could but say exactly the things I am feeling. I have fought through the addiction and the lifestyle that comes along with that, and I have rid myself of all the destructive and abusive relationships in my past. Things are better for me than they have been for years… and I have used my struggles to help me find my calling. I recently graduated from Social Work and I work with women who are fleeing domestic violence, and with youth who are in the child welfare system and need someone to talk to and seek guidance from. I also met an amazing man who accepts me with all my imperfections and we are getting married August 7, 2010. I had all but given up hoping that Mr. Harper would come to Edmonton… and then I heard you were going to be doing the Folk Fest on the charity night which is so awesome and close to my heart! Now you will be here for Thursday August 5 which is awesome to!!!! I am so so so thrilled that you will be coming and two days before my wedding!!! I wouldn’t miss it for the world and already bought my tickets. I tell everyone that you are here to bless my marriage; The universe is lining up and telling me I am going in the right direction!! Thank you Mr. Ben Harper you have really touched my life and made me a better person.
Kelly McRae