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07.15.13 Happy birthday to me

Posting blogs goes to just my site right? Or is there another purpose behind this account. Some places confuse me a bit.

If there's a problem- please let me know through email...otherwise it would be so nice to keep updating here.

As an online author- it's like living in an unseen village. I prefer to go to the person's house I am talking about- the way I do with my friends in real life. That way history has been recorded on their timeline. Protected entries are so preferred

Then as the story evolves- I come to their house to find the story. Not keep mine a mess.

Kaleo first he was twins with Kenye- who is Jada Pinkett Smith. But....she kinda loud- I could never really see those 2 in utero together. So I turned him Tongan. Tonga in the real world is where time begins. Each and Every Day.

The picture is a real one of Kanye. Maybe I'll name his character Ben. Ahh. I love my life. Crazy and proud of it.


Love always,


07.04.13 Let Freedom Ring

For those with time: Kaleo is the name of the character in Mayan (2 many times by now duh) novel CHILDREN OF LIGHT SERIES. He represents Ben Harper and how his words have shaped the peaceful global movement in our world today. A gift for America's birthday- I wanted to share as an author how his role is evolving. I am huge on holidays and woke up with that awareness that the wolf energy is guiding the open communication to merge the world of the unseen with the seen. In the Apache (AZ)- Inuit(Alaskan)- Mohawk(NY) Navajo (4 corners) etc: something BIG is going on! In the Real I have a friend named Red Cloud (Ute) and he told me about his mental travels while meditating. He walks around in spirit to places such as visiting his daughters while they sit on the couch etc. I (Lucy D Skye) have been through a walk or two myself. Long Story. oh yes- jumping is real.

WAITING ON A SIGN (Give til its gone 2011)

a mother's only happy as her saddest child
to learn to live without can take a while
and it's a long way back to anywhere
and it's not too late but it's getting there

Swipers no swiping.

When your child walks in dream- or you hear the songs of other peoples' precious angels- one cannot help doing all within their power to lead them home. I'll start busting lyrics from Jimi and John and Janis and Bob and endless warriors of light that live on waiting for an open mouth to further share their song that validate this truth. BUT- Voodoo lounge is closed for the day. You know what....nothing. No trespassing.

My heart lives to protect families and children by teaching them to build sacred strong auric fields to prevent strangers from trespassing- Family is one thing...but spirit paparazzi is against the code of humanity in this book series. So...the story is designed to help children born with these spiritual gifts have a productive outlet.

When rain falls down the mountain- it forms the rivers leading to the oceans. When one way becomes damned- it finds another way. As a mother- foreseeing the prevention of these little ones being "damned" from using their gifts- or having their talent become channeled into creating more intense video games- I choose a different path. I want to help keep the dream alive. They will find another way. Alchemy will defeat anarchy IF WE LET IT. Yes it balances out....Allowing the rivers to feed the trees and flowers can only happen through continued encouragement and not writing code for technological virtual gardens to be their only dreamworld.

Thus- it is important for true dreamers to dream and teach those who hear them energetically (not hear/see what they do on the outside of their bodies- ugh sick gross-) to stay dreaming the right way. Sorry for the forced violence at one point in this books development. Sun- tines....iz easy to yell bout stuff when Bob be yo boss. My business- will use this young adult book series as a manual and KALEO will go on influencing these vacationing families for good- without anyone knowing it's Ben Harper. In between rock climbing, paddle boarding and native american animal totem naming ceremonies- there will be time to reflect and make positive life changes. I love what I do.

The kids are putting together the mysteries left by the Mayans of old to reawaken societies to tribal peace. But the Lords of Darkness consumed in their greed do all they can to use black magic and stop the revolutionists from carrying out the legacy in America. They love mind control- they fill our foods with synthetic stuff and charge a billion bucks for insurance after they create distorted bodies that all need pharmaceuticals. It's a great story- good thing it's fiction huh. God bless the USA!!! I love you mean people- leave me LONE.... #longlivesnowden. little bots tracking keywords give people complex. Scary virtual place.

2008-2012. A secret tribe of all native lineages was formed long before Christopher Columbus was born. Something we forget about humans....words are for song, heart is for speaking....people teach each other how to dream together....and it is possible to wake up to the kindness of animal speaking to reconnect family values. These elder grandparents have created a school for gifted children in the sacred valley. Summer camp is where kids develop their dominant element (fire, water, earth, plant, metal). It is the highlight of these kids life to help them endure some of the verbal violence they see on TV and in the halls at school during the year.

we are at camp right now and the boys found something pretty serious. Better than Atlantis- that's just like another LA for them. They can jump through the moon into the sun and far beyond anything our minds can dream of here. Using the buddy system a girl and boy with the same element mind surf- astral travel together for safety. Alexis Jane (kind of katy perry kind of not- Santa Barbara) opens pandoras box...and right now we are in the middle of an intense global discovery. The world is a lot smaller than it seems. When you use Einsteins theory of Relativity. Combined with Da Vinci's mathmatics of "cosmografia del minor mundo" Katy and Moses go way back- she only SAID her money won't buy her time machine. She Lying. She walk and talk to me all damn day. Sweetheart that girl. Too damn smart for her own good though

Eros (Jason Mraz- white boy) Kaleo (Ben- Tongan/Hawaiian) Orion (a race of his own & some HAwaiian too- other surfer boy I am not allowed to say the name of or I go back to jail. Not nice BOB- cuz your nice I can blame you not the kids- Big dogz take the fall for little ones sometimes Scooby Doo) have found secrets within the cave walls. They were led by Javier (Tupac cept he was peruvian) can lay his ear on the earth and she whispers to his heart clues leading up to the ruins in Mexico. The kids are overwhelmed and the girls have the ability to complete their elements so they can do this.

But- the adults get involved- Jim Morrison Audrey Hepburn. Hella cool. Just wait.

Anyhow....gonna go have a good old American BBQ. Just wanted to undate status bra....Love ya Peace out- Each one of you kind hearted workers- thanks for not killing me so far. I really appreciate you.