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11.13.09 New site launched!

it's here!

some of the new features:

1. facebook connect!! log in to your account FIRST, then connect to facebook. now you can invite friends to shows you're attending and post content from Ben Harper to Facebook!

2. we dug through the vaults and unearthed tons of new, unseen and rare photos, videos, set lists and more. help build the archive by logging in to post photos and videos from every album and show EVER!!!

3. new interactive community features! check out Relentless Axes, a monthly series where Ben will post one of his guitars and tell a story about it. then fans can upload their guitars and tell their stories, and the best will win cool prizes. Sneaker junkie? that's coming next... :)

4. playlists! click the LISTEN tab above to browse selections from the Ben Harper catalog, and create your own custom playlist. soon you'll be able to share it with your friends.

5. activism. get involved!!

Thanks to everyone for their support. If you find any kinks in the system, we'd be grateful to know!



10.12.09 Back from the road

just dropping a quick line to say to hi to everyone i ran into on the Pearl Jam / Relentless7 tour. this could have been one of the best tours ever. for real!

anyway i got good footage from the shows, and we're planning on dropping some really cool stuff on the site to shake things up a bit.

i picked up a nasty cold bug on the road, so i am keeping this short. talk to you soon.


10.02.09 New R7 photos on tour with Pearl Jam

So you guys probably noticed that our Photo Gallery is back online. Weeee!

One of the biggest improvements over galleries past is the new interactivity. You can build a list of favorites, leave comments, and rate the photos.

I just uploaded a bunch of shots from the past few shows with Pearl Jam courtesy our nightly photographer, Melissa Nicholson. (She's also the merch girl.) There's a pretty sick one of Ben and Eddie doing "Indifference."

Speaking of Pearl Jam, "Backspacer" is badass.


09.29.09 bienvenido

What's up everybody? This is Gavin, your friendly neighborhood webmaster. The band is taking the day off, so I'm filling in.

Welcome to the new community. We're finally in Web 2.0 world! This means you get your own account. With this account you can rate and comment on the content, upload your own videos and photos, create your own blog (of which the best will be randomly featured), and start getting some fresh exclusive goodies you won't find anywhere else.

This is important. If you joined the mailing list or forum prior to 9/25/09, login with your e-mail address and request a new password. We will also be sending an introductory e-mail within the next 48 hours.

Regarding the archive:

I know it's been a trip waiting for the archival content to come back online, so we took the first step by presenting the complete R7 archive on this site. Back catalogue to come later... (Thanks to the band and crew for getting out there every night and providing the content :->)

About the tour:

I hit the Seattle shows and the tour has been picking up steam since! R7 are turning heads plus Ben sat in with Pearl Jam 3 nights in a row, including slide on "Red Mosquito" -- a first. Here's a photo I took from the show.

OK I've got a site to launch!


p.s. R7 on Austin City Limits, PBS next week plus R7 on the Jay Leno Show with special guest Oct 8.