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10.12.09 life changing

Ben harper, some people dont know of you, or have never heard of your music , and these people i feel incredibly sorry for. Your music has been a soundtrack of my life for many years, when i first started travelling and surfing and was givin an old tape by a french guy. it didnt have a name on it and he didnt know who it was, but i listened to that tape a thousand times. (it turned out it was " welcombe to the cruel world" ) i eventually discovered who sung those incredible soul searching songs and scince that day have treated your music as a religion. i travelled australia several times listening to your following albums. The lyrics and the melodys in the rock and the acoustic tracks are so profound and meaningful its untrue. its like you can put onto paper the exact thoughts and feelings i have. I got married to the sounds of "beloved one", and now at another massive crossroads in my life i come and search out your wisdom again. Your new album with the Relentless 7 has moved me again, Skin Thin, Fly one more time, and The word suicide, have brought me many tears and a lot of soul searching.. i thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the musician you are and the person you are. i would love to share some time chatting with you , maybe over a surf.. and if you come back to england to perform id gladly lend you a board and suit so that could happen. your amazing and youve done amazing things for a lot of people.. ive seen you in concert in brixton (london) and it was amazing.. in particular ill never forget the love you spread when you played "burn one down". An aussie guy who was standing next to me pulled to big reefers from his pocket, lit them and passed them straight out into the crowd. he had a tear in his eye, and you could see the love from him.. Thats what you do to people.. you inspire.. and dont even get me started on "walk away" that tune ruins me whenever i think of it or listen to it. thank you for all the good times.. paul