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06.10.12 HI ,YA

I dont no if this is the rite place to do this dut its oine way i gess,,anyway My name is Peter Mahy, im from Rotorua New ZEALAND ,liveing in Dunedin.Uncal Ben was here in 2002 or somthing like that,top nite was a bit star strack that Ben Harper and the Innocent criminals cum to Dunedin,what a buzz,so thats when i abopted Ben into my family as my uncal,,ok in mad so i dont care ,,im not hurting any1,So i had this idear today ,that you Ben.Mr Harper, if you ever need or want an apprentis i would be honerd to be your apprentis i have a pashion for music like no 1 i no,it saved my life,and im in a place now where i can give ,,and gain some good karmer,,for my life,,so it is just an idear ,,i have a box of idears,,im working on them,,So Uncal please give it some thought ,,i can play cords on the guitar and love to sing,,i now have the confidence to get on stage and give till it hurts,,,love me and you Uncal,,see you when im looking at you.,, {: > ()}