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03.19.12 Pre sale

Hello everyone,

I usually get the ore sale emails. However, this time I did not. Could someone please help me out with the Chicago presale?

Thanks for the help,


08.16.10 Cd's & Posters

Hi everyone,

I am redoing a guest bedroom for my house and the theme is going to be concerts that I have attended. I have been to two Ben Harper concerts so, I am looking for a poster from one of these concerts. The first concert was on June 10th 2007. I realize that this was some time ago, but I was wondering if anyone had a copy of this cd, I would love to buy a copy of it and second. Would anyone have a concert photo from that night that they would sell. The second concert was last May in Chicago at the Vic Theater. If anyone happens to have a concert poster from this night as well, I would love to buy it. You can email me at