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08.12.10 Never Tear Us Apart Single on iTunes

INXS & Ben Harper - Never Tear Us Apart the single is now on iTunes (in Australia at least)

02.06.10 Lay There & Hate Me Official Music Video Available on iTunes

02.06.10 'My Father's House' Charity Single on iTunes

Live from the Kennedy Center Honors, Ben Harper performed Bruce Springsteen's "My Father's House". The recording is now available through iTunes at the following link:

Check your countries store if link is unavailable.

The single comes as part of a two song compilation, the other being another Springsteen track "My City of Ruins" as performed by Eddie Vedder, a beautiful and inspiring version. I personally recommend you check out both of these songs and support the wonderful cause, the Haiti relief effort.

01.20.10 BH & R7 ON MAX TV TONIGHT (Australia)

Max Sessions at 8:30 local time.

01.09.10 Australian & New Zealand Bootlegs

I recently stumbled across a blog containing recordings of each of R7's shows in both Australia & New Zealand.

Please leave a comment of thanks, the taper did a truly fantastic job!

Know of any other tapes and alternative sources for the recent tour of AU/NZ? Please feel free to leave links and tips in the comments.


11.24.09 I Will Not Be Broken - First Taste

R7 have been treating Australian audiences with a brand new song called 'I Will Not Be Broken'. I got to hear this song a few nights ago in Sydney and it's really quite something, I think it's somewhat reminiscent of 'Fly One Time' however Ben's vocals really soar, something we didn't see a whole lot of in the latest album. Follow the link for an audience sample of this new song:

Ben Harper - I Will Not Be Broken

November 17, 2009
Adelaide Oval

Shot from about 35 metres back, in the middle. Supporting Pearl Jam.