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07.28.10 "A special gift for someone specially gifted"


As promised, here we are to explain the meaning of the presents we gave you after the concert in Porto (17 July 2010).
The cd is from the greatest "portuguese guitar" player ever, who unfortunately is no longer with us. The title of the album is "Uma guitarra com gente dentro", which means a guitar that shows the feelings and emotions of one People without a single word.
Well, this is a bit what we feel when we listen to your guitar solos.
The t-shirt has printed a thought by Fernando Pessoa, one of the greatest portuguese poets. ("Art is to make others feel what we feel, in the release of themselves, offering them our personality for special release.")
Indeed, your music is pure art and you have a special way of entering into people`s hearts, making them feel free to laugh, to cry, to jump, to stay put, to scream out loud, to whispear. None of this would be possilbe if you were not the beautiful person you are.

Sara and Carlos