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09.30.09 My faith in music is restored

I went to see Pearl Jam here in Salt Lake. Ben & the R7's were opening up. I've heard of Ben, but never their music. All of a sudden this thundering rhythm kicks in and I'm thinking "nice". Then, everything began flowing together, more and more the sound creeps into my body til I couldn't hold back swaying back and forth. Then, Ben kicks in...

Within a matter of minutes my faith in music was restored.

Ben and his R7 Cohorts blew my mind. I've played locally for 16 years, almost losing my soul by changing my sound to fit "society" acceptable music. I try to swallow today's "mainstream" radio garbage but just gag.

Ben and R7 was more than a breathe of fresh air, they were a hurricane.
You guys are amazing musicians and your sound is incredible. Between you guys and Pearl Jam (which is a main reason for playing music) my faith in music is completely restored! Thank You!