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"Not Fire Not Ice" recorded and mixed by Eric Sarafin at Cornerstone Studios. Guitar & vocals - Ben Harper. "Wicked Man" recorded by Bradley Cook and Eric Sarafin. Mixed by Eric Sarafin at Cornerstone Studios. Guitar & lead vocals - Ben Harper. Drums - Oliver Charles. Bass - Juan Nelson. Percussion - Leon Lewis Mobley. Backing vocals - Agnes Baddoo, Oliver Charles, Ben Harper, Juan Nelson, JP Plunier. "If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again" recorded and mixed by Bradley Cook. Vocals - Ben Harper. Backing vocals - Agnes Baddoo, Suzanne Frank, Amy Faust. Produced by Ben Harper & JP Plunier. All tracks published by EMI Virgin Music, Inc./Innocent Criminal (ASCAP). (p) (c) 1995 Virgin Records America, Inc., except track 4 (p) 1994 Virgin Records America, Inc.


  • Format: CD
  • Total runtime: 16:52
  • Released Nov 24, 1995
  • Virgin Records America 7243 8 93269 2 5
  • United Kingdom VUSCD 99

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