21 Feb 2000

Boulder, CO


Monday, February 21, 2000 at 7:00pm MST

Ben's fourth visit to eTown for an acoustic performance and interview. "In The Lord's Arms" featured host Nick Forster on mandolin and the rest of eTones on bass and keys. "Do Right Woman", an Aretha Franklin tune, featured a group collaboration with Shelby Lynne and Nick Forster. However, the credits rolled during the radio broadcast and cut Ben out of the song. "Sexual Healing" was also axed from the final cut. After the taping was completed, Ben walked back on stage and someone handed him a red cowboy hat. He said he would make his guitar stand into a hat rack, "an evil hat-rack." When the tape stopped rolling, Ben finished the gig with two acoustic songs to a small crowd.

Ben Harper

with Shelby Lynne