09 Dec 1999

Cupertino, CA

Flint Theater For the Performing Arts

Thursday, December 9, 1999 at 7:00pm PST

BHIC played a benefit show for bay area radio station KFOG. After "Faded" Ben talked for a short bit about how he's been performing for a while now, but still hasn't figured out how to talk to a crowd. He said that it takes so much focus from within to really embrace that. Furthermore, he is just going to play tonight, and hoped the crowd understood. After "Alone" Ben made his first introduction of the band, and then talked about the benefit. He reminded the crowd that it was for the kids, and thanked everyone for being there. Then in honoring those that payed $100 for the first three rows, he asked, "I heard a rumor of one lady who payed $2000 for her seat." She was in the front row and stood up. He then said that they should give her something. He started to look around for something to give her when someone off stage told him to give her a slide, so he got up and gave her a slide.
Ben started out the encore with a blistering solo acoustic rendition of "Excuse Me Mr./Burnin' & Lootin'." After the song, he started talking about how he never prepares a setlist for the acoustic solo part and it is sometimes difficult to decide which songs to play. Then he mentioned how he had just been in Jamaica and got to sit in with The Wailers during the tribute. He talked about Bob and what a great influence he was. He also spoke about peace and justice, and how hard it seems to achieve. But Bob was really there to remind us that we can make a difference. Finally music had a place in that.

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

with Susan Tedechi