31 Jan 2000

New Haven, CT

Palace Theatre

Monday, January 31, 2000 at 7:00pm PST

After "Burn One Down" Ben chatted with the audience - "Sometimes I kinda get carried up for that tune, you know. No matter what, there are people gonna want to know certain things about certain situations, and that's cool too. (Someone screams 'I Love You!') And I love you...I do. I mean, people say well you know what if I don't want my kids to smoke pot and certain things like this and I understand that, you know. If you want to smoke it, smoke it and if you don't want to smoke it, don't smoke it. But even deeper than that, I mean, we all have a responsibility to ourselves really. I mean, I know some people who smoke pot and they get really creative, it brings out the best in their genius. And man, I know people who smoke some pot and they can't do shiiiit. So, I'm not down with addiction, but I'm down with it on a medicinal level for what it can do for your mind. So anybody wants to come up and Burn One Down...." The crowd was very well behaved and dead quiet during the acoustic songs. After "Beloved One", Ben said "Thank you so much. You guys are so amazing!" He then asked for the house lights to be turned up so he could see everyone and acknowledge all the people.

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

with Mighty Purple